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Финални продукти от проектните дейности от всички партньори:

Снимки и материали от проектни дейности от процеса на работа в 50. ОУ “Васил Левски”

Видеа от дейностите реализирани в 50. ОУ “Васил Левски”–_zZx4mBPMTrfGBcrQn?usp=sharing

Дейности в 50. ОУ като домакин по време на LTT в България

Материали от LTT в останалите партньорски страни

MONTHLY ACTIVITIES (planed in a project application)


Participating schools announce the acceptance of the project to teachers, stutents and parents.


Participating schools hold an online meeting to discuss the project. Selection of participants for activities after LTT activities. Reporting the results of the games played in Etwinning and evaluating the results of the reports. Preparation for seminars and conferences.


Drama games.


The activity: Can I play too?


Puppet show.


The activity – Support each other.


Reporting the results of the games performed in eTwinning and evaluating these results.


Creation and evaluation of statistics of absence of migrant students before and during the project implementation.


Games workshop.


The activity – Let’s design the game together.

11.2020 (changed 2021, 2022)

Musical dance games.

12.2020 (changed 2021, 2022)

The activity – let’s form a circle of belonging.

01.2021 (changed 2021, 2022)

Evaluation of monthly observation forms 02.2021.
Evaluation and reporting of LTT activities 03.2021.
Re-implementation of the needs analysis applied to teachers prior to the project and evaluation of the results.

04.2021 (changed 2021, 2022)

Reporting and evaluation of eTwinning activities.

05.2021 (changed 2021, 2022)

Regulation of eTwinning, Twitter and Facebook.

06.2021 (changed 2021, 2022)

Implementation and the result will be shared on international platforms such as Erasmus project result platform and School Education Gateway.

07.2021 (changed 2021-2022 school year)

At the end of the project, the booklets prepared by the participating schools about games wil be distributed to the surrounding schools.

08.2021 (changed 2021-2022 school year)

Continuing to work on the project through etwinning, a game for all partners will be scheduled each week. Create project logo, print project logo on mugs and cups.
These gifts will be given to teachers in schools visited as part of the project dissemination activities.

08.2021 (changed – 31.08.2022)

The final evaluation report with the participating schools.