The Magic Power Of Games – ERASMUS+


         Our project started based on the problems experienced by immigrant students in schools. Children are the most effected group by immigration. These children experience difficulty in adapting to different culture and new country. Excluded children do not continue their education and in the case they contunue they face problems at school. The project team of our school has conducted research on this subject through e-twinning platform as the problems of immigrant students are experienced intensively in our school. It has been pointed out that the same problems exist not only in our country but in many EU countries. Then we conducted a need analysis study to identify the problems of the students with our partners (Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria). According to the need analysis report, it was concluded that 95% of immigrant students need feeling of being appreciated. Taking the saying of Zeliha Yazici (the teacher educator at Akdeniz University in the Faculty of Education), “ Children change the world and the games change children “ into consideration we try to adapt these children to the educational system through games. Based on the objectives of the European Union 2020 strategy, LTT activities will be organized in schools with all partners:

        1. – Drama games

        2. – Puppet Games

        3. – Workshop Games

        4. – Dance Games With Music

         These games will provide a positive contribution to the language development and socialization of immigrant children. Communication with other students will be strengthened. Our project teams will be in charge of preparation, implementation, organization and supervision of the project. At the end of the project, the results of the survey as a requirement analysis will be evaluated. Dissemination activities will be carried out in schools at local and national level. At the same time, activities will be disseminated through social media and e-twinning.